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Blog Feed Post HomeBrew Contest Entries....Amazing!

Technical Marketing Manager Derek Glover kicked off the HomeBrew contest on recently. The entries have come in and they are fantastic! 

One of our community members, Brenn, did a great writeup on his configuration. Here is how he described it:

"My Nexenta needed to be able to function as my media server, which meant installing some software which was never meant to be installed on OpenSolaris, not to mention a Nexenta... After a few nights of compiling, debugging and patching I managed to get everything working. My Nexenta is now happily running SickBeard, SABnzbd (including par, unrar and yEnc), CouchPotato, MySQL (for my shared XBMC database), and a custom script to auto-download matching subtitles. All running as services. All my home pc's now have their Desktop's and other User folders redirected to a share on my Nexenta, which uses auto-snap giving everyone the possibility to use 'previous versions' to restore their own files. I also removed all hard drives except the OS drives and replaced them with iSCSI lun's."

You can read his full post here.



Another member, Larry, submitted a configuration as well. He writes:

"So I have been using Nexentastor for over 2 years now in my home lab. I have to say it is an amazing storage solution. I have used many others over the years (FreeNAS, OpenFiler, NASLite) and I by far like Nexentastor the best. I also use HP Lefthand P4000 iSCSI storage and fiber channel IBM SAN storage on a daily basis at work, but the ZFS filesystem is amazing. I now have two Nexentastor CE NAS devices, one is dedicated to just backing up all of my systems around the house."

He writes about his configuration:

"It has 12TB of usable storage. One ZPool with 7 mirrored vDev’s and 1 hot spare (Total of 15 SATA disks), connected to two Supermicro AOC-USAS-L8i SAS controllers with SATA fan-out connectors. All data disk are inserted into three 5-bay SuperMicro front loading hot swap drive cages for easy swapping out. Each member of each mirror group alternates between the Supermicro controllers to provide redundancy in the event of sas controller failure. The horsepower is from a Dual-Core AMD and 16GB of memory. The OS is mirrored between two 2.5" SATA disks in hot swap trays that load from the rear of the case inside two PCI slots. This way the OS is not using up two of the hot swap drive bays. For network connectivity I am using two Intel 1GBe NICS bundled and configured for L2, L3 with multiple VLANs separating NFS and iSCSI traffic."

You can read his full post here.

If you'd like to participate, please post your own!

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