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Back in the beginning of October, I was dragged into the middle of a raging e-mail argument. The argument was whether J2EE was a success, and if it was too complicated. This was like waving a red cape in front of a Spanish bull. I felt then, as I feel now, compelled to respond. Full disclosure: I am writing this as a member of JDJ's editorial board. However, I am an unabashed J2EE partisan, and I remain a Sun employee. While I no longer work on the Java platform, I am proud of the work my team did, and the work the current team is doing now, in defining and evangelizing the Java platform. I still believe that J2EE is the last best hope for freedom from tyranny in the enterprise software arena. There are two key ideas underlying the Java platform in its entirety. First is the unwavering belief in "Write Once, Run Anywhere." This motivates everything we do on the Java... (more)

Oracle Will Make Its "Unbreakable Linux" Announcement Tomorrow in Ellison's Keynote

Latest update I have is that Oracle will make its Linux announcement tomorrow (on Wednesday) in Larry Ellison’s Keynote. He’ll call it “Unbreakable Linux”. Now how they will position it as non-competitive when it takes revenue away from RH remains to be seen. Linux Announcement. There have been rumors flying around The Valley all week, and a few press articles as well, that suggest Oracle is going to make some kind of Linux announcement. My guess is that if they do, it will be that they are making their own version of Linux. In one way or another, th... (more)

Ubuntu Server 6.10 and WebLogic Workshop 9.2

In this post, I will be recounting my experience with Ubuntu server 6.10, WebLogic Workshop 9.2, and REST. Note: This in no way implies support of any kind from me or BEA. This is just the personal experiences of someone who can not keep his hands off the keyboard. This also gave me an opportunity to code up some REST samples, since many customer I come in contact with ask about it. That said: I had a chance to play with the new Ubuntu server over the long weekend. I set up a server in my garage, and loaded the latest linux bits from WebLogic Platform. (Its actually labeled Port... (more)

JavaOne 2007 Predictions

Bill Roth's Blog Last year, I took a stab at predictions as to what Sun would announce at the 11th annual JavaOne. This year, for JavaOne 2007, I'll take a stab at what Sun and some of the other major vendors will announce. It will be fairly easy to predict the major themes from the vendors. Most of them will be spouting "Web 2.0" and talking about development and production assistance for mashups, etc.  In addition to new tools, some chatter about PHP, and a talk by Gary Horen, we're flexible enough such that I am sure we'll have some last minute excitement. So, for JavaOne 200... (more)

Shameless Online Marketing: BEA Workshop Studio for $99!

Bill Roth's Blog TheServerSide(TSS) and BEA have come together to offer TSS readers BEA Workshop Studio 3.3, normally $899 USD, for $99 USD until May 31, 2007. For more information, see the TSS post for details. TheServerSide and BEA have come together to offer TSS readers BEA Workshop Studio 3.3, normally $899 USD, for $99 USD until May 31, 2007. This is part of what will become integrated with Workshop for WebLogic 10 (announced yesterday on TSS), and contains many of the same features. The upgrade to 10.1 Studio is included for this price, so if you purchase 3.3 now, you'll be a... (more)